Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 2: Symbolism, Psychology, and the PMAI

This Week

  1. Free Write, List, & Discussion: My Favorite Book(s). If you do not read a) do not tell me that and b) choose a game, tv show or movie to write about (5 minutes)
  2. Lecture: Children's Literature Introduction 
  3. Lecture: Symbolism
  4. Read and Annotate: "Jumping Mouse" (online as directed). After reading straight through once, reread looking for symbols and symbolic actions. Do not do the "work" the first time through. Enjoy the first reading then read for content--symbols (important things or images) and symbolic actions (important events). Take some time to think about these different styles and aims of reading.
  5. Discuss: "Water Lilies" and/or "Jumping Mouse"
  6. Lecture: Psychology and Literature
  7. Wiki Project: Overview and Book Assignments
  1. Lecture:  Fiction Basics (homework, on your own, in the Lectures folder above).
  2. HW Read and annotate for symbolism (looking for significant differences) the following (They are also in the Readings forlder):
    1. Ashenputtel
    2. The Glass Slipper
    3. Little Red Cap
    4. Little Red Riding Hood, For reference (you may skim these if you like, but that is optional): A Collection of related tales

9/20 Today!
9/27 Literary Fairy Tales as directed. The PMAI (bring it to class).
10/4 No Classes. There will be an online assignment. attendance will be taken online (you will have a sign-in link).
10/11We do not meet in class: Online Only. Check here for the assignment. Attendance will be taken online (you will have a sign-in link).

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