Lectures and Discussions

Symbols and Archetypes Form, Responses (Folklore and Fairy Tales)
Picture Books Discussion, Responses
Midterm Review FormResponses
The Spiderwick Chronicles Discussion (Print)
The Spiderwick Chronicles Discussion (Online), Responses
The Hunger Games Part I Discussion (Print)
The Hunger Games Part I Discussion (Online), Responses
The Hunger Games Part II Discussion (Print)
The Hunger Games Part II Discussion (Online), Responses

Lectures: Weeks 1-6
Introduction to Children's Literature
Literary Criticism
Symbolism: From Denotation to Connotation
Wikipedia Project
Fiction Basics
Psychology and Literature: Archetypes Overview
Traditional Fairy Tales
Pearson Archetypes (on Wikipedia)
Picture Books: Basic Literacy (by Keith Schoch, on Youtube)
Picture Books: History and Overview. *Coming Soon

Lectures: Weeks 7-12
Adolescent Literature *In Progress
Young Adult Literature *In Progress

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