Monday, October 3, 2016

ENG 280 Schedule

Welcome back!
Aschenputtle by Arthur Rakham.

Now is when we make try and make some sense out of the crazy semester. Please do not worry, we can handle it together. But is essential that you and I are in class and working. I will be filling out the additional details over the next few days, but I wanted you to have the basic dates. Please notice the additional dates indicated by an asterix*.

10/4  Archetypes in Fairy Tales (Traditional). Online Discussion continues. We do not meet as a class.
10/11 No classes at LAGCC. Archetypes in Fairy Tales (Literary)--The college is, once again, closed. I will post the assignment to be completed by the following week.
10/18 Film: Cinderella (in class) and Discussion (online).
10/25 Wrapping up the discussion of Traditions in Children's Literature.
11/1 Picture Books by Age
11/3*  Read-aloud books
11/8 Mid-term Essay Test.  Yes, Thursday is a Tuesday part II. We meet twice in a week.
11/15  The Hunger Games
11/22  The Hunger Games
11/29 Film: Spirited Away 
12/6 Final Essay Exam
12/13 and 12/14 Conferences 9-5 all day

ON GRADES. Your grades to date will be posted on Blackboard. There was some trouble with the shell for the course. It has been resolved. I will have individual conferences with any students who are concerned about their grades once they are posted. 

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